"Charles is honest, affordable and professional! He is always quick to respond to emails and phone calls. He is extremely timely and prompt. He was organized and showed up to court way before the time my case started. I had a 9am court time and I arrived at court at 8:45am. Charles was already present and ready to begin! That takes away any nervousness or anxiety you may feel when your lawyer is on time! I’ve witnessed people calling their lawyer several times because the lawyer is running late for their client’s case. He also sat and spoke with me providing the best knowledge and advice as it related to my case while we waited to be seen by the judge. Many lawyers don’t even sit with their clients. But Charles has mastered being personable and professional all in one. Not only did he come early but he even followed up with an email and a phone call prior to the court date to review my case with me.

Look no further than Charles and his lovely wife Diana for the best representation for your case!"

Nandi Bell

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