Whether it’s the place you’ll call home or an investment to earn income, buying, renting, and managing property is a personal and expensive undertaking. It’s natural to have a lot of questions, and it can be difficult to find reliable answers. For homebuyers, the agents and lenders make more money when you spend more money, and those facing landlord/tenant issues often find themselves frustrated by a lack of follow-through and recourse. In both situations, it can be difficult to know exactly what your options may be, and it can feel overwhelming trying to make decisions that so directly affect your personal life and your finances.

In New Jersey, I represent individuals and families in a variety of real estate transactions. I help both first-time homebuyers and those facing rental issues as landlords or tenants understand their rights and the legal process. With honesty and attention, I have helped many people resolve their real estate issues quickly and effectively. If you have questions about a new or existing real estate matter, reach out to me to learn more about how I may be able to help. Call my Wayne office or email me directly at [email protected].

Guidance for First Time Homebuyers in New Jersey

Buying your first home is an overwhelming experience. The excitement of searching for that perfect place can quickly give way to anxiety. The process often feels complicated and confusing, and the stress of your first big purchase is significant. Many individuals and couples aren’t even sure where to begin. How do you buy a house in New Jersey? What is the first step, and what can you expect as the purchase moves forward? I provide all this information and more. I help clients understand the process by explaining each step in-depth, and I am easily accessible to answer any questions or concerns that pop up about the purchase, title, contract, and more.

Inevitably, there are hiccups along the way, and homebuyers need solid advice they can rely on. I have been there before with other clients, and I understand both how stressful the situation can feel for buyers and how to resolve the issue as positively as possible. He can help you avoid common pitfalls before they become larger problems, as well as give you the information and confidence to move forward into your home.

If you are considering buying your first home, even if you’ve already started the process, let my office answer your questions and ensure that your legal rights are protected. Buying your first home is an exciting event and attentive, effective representation can help ensure you are able to achieve your dream of homeownership.

Effectively Resolve Your Landlord or Tenant Issues in New Jersey

Renting or leasing is quite common in New Jersey—about 36 percent of the population rents their apartment or home—and these arrangements present their own unique issues. On both sides, individuals and families deserve fair, safe treatment and financial protection. When disputes arise, it’s often difficult to know your rights, and even when you do, it can be even harder to enforce them.

For landlords, while many tenants are reliable and peaceful, there are exceptions. Landlords may feel frustrated and worry about the future of the property when tenants do not act as they should. I have experience helping landlords remove tenants who:

  • Breach contract
  • Fail to pay rent
  • Cause property damage

New Jersey law can make it difficult to address issues with these problem tenants, but I can help landlords successfully prepare all the paperwork and follow the necessary steps to protect their property.

For tenants, compelling a negligent landlord to act can be difficult as well. When landlords fail in their duty to provide safe, functional spaces, what can tenants do? Uninhabitable living conditions, unsecured entries, broken appliances, and more can contribute to a stressful and unsafe living arrangement. Tenants do not have to accept these conditions, and an experienced attorney can help compel landlords to act appropriately under the law.

Even if you aren’t sure if an attorney can help, don’t hesitate to reach out to me about your New Jersey real estate transaction. My experience and dedication to providing personal representation make me an effective advocate to have your side. Get the information you need and the confidence to move forward by calling my Wayne office today or taking a moment to fill out the contact form on this page.

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