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Foreclosure is a homeowner’s nightmare.  The time and work that you’ve put into your house can be taken away with barely a thought, but not if you have an experienced legal team on your side.  You don’t have to defend yourself alone and you don’t have to simply resign yourself to the inevitable.

Get support and solutions to defend your home from foreclosure.

You have more options than your lender would like you to believe!  When our office first joins your fight we will fully examine your case and discuss your options with you so that we can choose the strongest path forward. This includes:
    •    Mortgage Modification
    •    Forbearance Agreements
    •    Short Sale
    •    Lending Violations
    •    Auction Sale 
    •    Bankruptcy 
    •    Sale or Refinance
If you’re in need of a lawyer to defend your foreclosure case, some of these options may be new for you. We will always thoroughly explain your available choices and help you explore alternate routes to find the best solution for your unique case.  There is no one cookie-cutter method to successfully defend a claim.  Our office excels at providing solutions for your specific case and taking your personal needs into account when we choose a path forward.

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