Many of our clients have little experience with the law. So, when you must appear in municipal court, face real estate issues with buying, selling, or renting, or are seeking justice for injuries sustained in an accident, it can feel confusing and overwhelming. Browse these articles to find out more about your legal rights and how Charles can help.

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  • Assault Charges in New Jersey Learn about the (3) degrees of assault in New Jersey and the elements that constitute each type, as well as common forms of evidence used to prove assault.
  • New Jersey Contempt Not complying with a New Jersey court order can have severe consequences. If you are facing Contempt, this Wayne, NJ Law Office can help you!
  • Restraining Orders Who can file a New Jersey restraining order? What types of restraining orders are there? Can you enforce an out-of-state order in New Jersey? We have answers.

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