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Governor Murphy, recently signed a new Statute, currently known as Senate Bill S-3124. As of March 1, 2020 under the new Statute, the tenant can avoid eviction by paying the rent that is due, up to three business days after the lockout has occurred.  The new Statute further states the following:

  1. A payment made to the Landlord within the 3-day grace period must be accepted.
  2. Upon receipt and acceptance of the payment, the Landlord must notify the Court (within 2 business days of the payment) that the payment has been accepted, and that the matter is dismissed with prejudice.
  3. A violation of this Statute shall result in a monetary penalty to the landlord in the amount of $500.

Based on this new Statute, landlords can no longer refuse a payment made after the day of Court, if the payment was made within 3 business days of the lockout date. 

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